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Introducing our premium nail care duo: SO™️ Nail Bonder and SO™️ Top Coat. The Nail Bonder preps nails for optimal gel adhesion, while our versatile rubber base gel offers long-lasting wear and nail protection. Finish with the Top Coat for a flawless, high-gloss shine in just 30 seconds. Elevate your nail game effortlessly with our sophisticated collection.

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Introducing our premium rubber base gel collection: crafted with meticulous care for both luxury and versatility. With 10 stunning tinted shades and 2 crystal-clear options, our HEMA, cruelty, and formaldehyde-free formula ensures a safe and ethical choice for your nail care routine. Enhance adhesion and minimize chipping with its flexible nature, serving as a base coat, color gel, and reinforcement all in one. Effortless removal and a protective barrier for your natural nails complete the package. Elevate your nail game with our sophisticated collection where sophistication, versatility, and nail health converge seamlessly.